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The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) is legally allowed to grant up to 1 license for every 1,500 people, or major fraction of said number. In addition, the local government’s legislative body needs to adopt a resolution approving the license issuance. As one can imagine, the competition for getting one of these licenses is fierce.

At Mansour Law, our attorneys have years of experience in this area of law and we have helped many clients throughout Michigan apply for and receive their liquor licenses. Our lawyers have a firm grasp of liquor license laws and all their related procedures and paperwork. We can quickly and efficiently guide you throughout the legal process while ensuring your rights and best interests are fully protected. Let us help you get a liquor license today!

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How We Can Help You

Our Farmington Hills liquor lawyers will be with you throughout every step of the application process and then beyond that. We can begin by helping you fill out the paperwork and initial application, thereby ensuring it is as strong and persuasive as possible. Then, we can respond to requests for additional application information in a timely and professional manner. Lastly, we can gather, organize, and submit the final package of application information related to the transfer or issuance of your liquor license.

Even after your license has been granted, our attorneys can help you by:

  • Working with you to make sure you and your business remain in compliance with local and state laws regarding your license
  • Strongly representing you whenever there are any allegations levied against your business for liquor violations
  • If necessary, assisting you by appealing any adverse judgments or rulings that occur

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Our attorneys work hard to make sure all our clients receive the top-quality legal services they need and deserve. You can count on us to help you submit all your application work on time, make the application as strong as possible, and overcome any obstacles that may present themselves during the process. We will provide you with the effective and experienced representation you are owed.

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